St. Louie Furniture
Gov. Halili, Turo, Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines
Phone No.: (044)-692-58-53

Branch: DRT. Hi-way, Taal Pulilan, Bulacan, Philippines
Phone No.:(044)-676-35-43

 Email: stlouiefurniture@yahoo.com



Our vision is to offer a great value on quality furniture that will set a remarkable competency to other parts of the world.


Our mission is to continue to provide real quality furniture, classic yet modern feel designs built within customers’ satisfaction.


The business was founded by Mr. Jose C. Datu. His great influence in wood crafting business was his ancestors. Designs were originated in Betis, Guagua which is known as the woodcraft capital of Pampanga. Betis, Guagua, Pampanga has been the home of skilled furniture manufacturers for decades.  This had gained for the municipality the reputation as place of fine furniture and wood works.  Mr. Datu’s daughter, Anita, continued what her father started. Anita is married to Mr. Nestor Taruc, who’s also in the same line of expertise. In Mr. Datu’s lost, they have decided to continue venturing what their parents have established.

St. Louie Furniture started its operation in 1985 at Sta. Maria, Bulacan. It was not an easy start for the pioneers of this business. St. Louie was just renting an office then. First batch of manufactured products are just wood furniture. Made from the known and premier wood in the Philippines – Narra, country’s National Tree and the like.

In 1987, St. Louie ventured into upholstered furniture. Ideas have grown so fast that’s why in the following years. In 1990, products for interior designs like curtains, blinds, all kinds of window treatment and imported decors were included in St. Louie’s major products.

Business has grown abundantly! So by the grace of God, it has acquired a lot in Bocaue, Bulacan in 2002, where the main office and showroom is present and permanently located as well as the production site. This location became very feasible so number of clients became patrons because of high quality and import class products. In 2002, another branch was set up in Pulilan, Bulacan.

At present, St. Louie is selling locally and also exports our products. Mr. and Mrs. Taruc’s sons graduated with degrees supported mainly by this business. Their sons now are actively managing and supervising their business. Mr. Louie Mark D. Taruc as the Branch Manager for Bocaue, Mr. Bernard D. Taruc as the Branch Manager for Pulilan and Mr. Frame D. Taruc as the Over-all Production Manager. Since St. Louie is selling interior decors, their daughter-in-law, Dana, who is married to Louie, continued her venture here as an Interior Designer and Consultant of St. Louie.

St. Louie offers great value on quality furniture and treats customers with respect and honesty. Most of our clients now were indorsed by our existing patrons whom found the quality and value of our products.